The airbag jacket for motorcyclists (horseriders and in recent times for skiers) is a long-standing Hungarian invention. It was officially registered in 1976, published in 1977. Inventor: Tamás Straub. You can look at the original documents of the invention here, below. Copies are available from the Hungarian Patent Office (Hungarian Intellectual Property Office) anytime.

Documents of the invention:

Extract from Gazette of Patents (official journal of the Hungarian Patent Office) volume 1977 Nr.9


English translation:


H/2272 (51) A 41 D 13/00 (71), (72) Tamás Straub, Referent, Budapest (54)
Protective garment, mainly for motorcyclists (22) 30.11.76 (21) SA-2994

The invention is a protective garment, based on a double wall made from interconnected cells, an air tank filled with a compressed gaseous substance, an opening mechanism – these latter two forming a single unit –, a wire controlling opening and a bleeding valve ensuring multiple use. Moreover, it is characterised by its design suitable to protect the entire body surface; however, the double wall can, in certain cases, only be refilled between the neck and the pelvis.

Original description of invention

English translation:

Protective garment, mainly for motorcyclists
(Description of Invention 7942/1977)

It is well known that motorcycling has been increasingly popular in today's transport due to its favourable characteristics. Helmets, as protective devices, are a proven means providing effective protection against certain head damages. However, other vital parts of the body are not protected in the same manner as even the highest quality motorcycling leather garments offer protection only against scratches.
As an organic addition to helmets, the protective garment forming the object of the present invention provides protection to vital organs (backbone, stomach, kidneys, liver, neck, loins, etc.) of falling (bumping, overturning) motorcyclists wearing double-walled protective garment during falls by automatically forming in front of (around) certain parts of the motorcyclist's body a flexibly hard air cushion layer that absorbs or significantly reduces the kinetic energy of the motorcyclist falling or flying from a sitting position.
The enclosed drawing illustrates a beneficial design of the invention.
The double-walled (1) protective garment is made from an aesthetic fabric not permeating gas, of an appropriate strength, suitable for garments (special artificial leather, vulcanised canvas, etc.). The compressed mass of air is located in an air tank made of high-strength material and affixed to the garment (2), with an outlet directed towards the internal part of the garment. Opening of this air tank is controlled by an opening mechanism (7), this and the air tank forming a single unit. One end of the control wire (3) is connected to the opening mechanism while the other to the motorcycle's frame through a spring-hook (4). The cells located between the two walls of the garment, of specified shape and size, connected to each other (6) are used to ensure that the protective garment assumes the previously determined shape during operation, thereby providing for an optimal protective air layer thickness. The valve (5) serves to bleed inflated protective garments that have fulfilled their function.
The garment specified in the invention functions as follows:
Prior to starting, the motorcyclist fixes the end of the control wire with a spring-hook to the motorcycle's frame (fuel tank). During bumping (falling), the motorcyclist flies off from a sitting position and the control wire is torn out of the opening mechanism, thereby opening the air tank. The gaseous substance flows out from the tank within a very short period of time (1/2 to 1/10 second) and fills the garment so it becomes flexibly hard, thereby protecting the motorcyclist from serious consequences of the accident. (In case of the favourable design enhancing safety, the part of the protective garment around the neck is inflated in a manner that it can keep the helmet from falling back, thereby eliminating lethal cervical breaks, as well as deflecting impacts of external objects in the direction of the nape and the neck.)
The appearance of the protective garment described here is not very different from traditional motorcyclists' garments and can easily adapt to changing trends in fashion. This protective garment can protect against cold, wind and rain like those currently in use. The garment can be inflated several times, only the air tank is to be replaced or refilled. It is not too difficult to wear it, considering that it can eventually save its wearer's life.

Copy of the announcement of the invention with the receipt

The first page of the detailed description of the invention

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Publication of Patent Application

You can watch the correspondence for the realization of the invention here.

Review of the invention in the journal Autó-motor, volume 1983

Motorcycle safety
Motorcycle safety concerns many aspects of vehicle and equipment design as well as operator skill and training that are unique to motorcycle 

személyi védőfelszerelés
A motorkerékpár mind a balesetek, mind a halálos kimenetelű balesetek szempontjából a legveszélyesebb közlekedési eszköz, maga a motorkerékpár pedig a többi gépjárműhöz képest csekély passzív védelmet nyújt, ezért a motorkerékpár-vezetők biztonsága szempontjából – vezetéstechnikai ismereteik mellett – kiemelkedő szerepe van a a motorkerékpáros személyi védőfelszerelésnek.

Magyar találmányok
 A magyar találmányok listáján találhatóak azok a találmányok, amelyek feltalálója, illetve kidolgozója egyértelműen és nemzetközileg elismerten magyar vagy magyar származású személy volt...

Als Schutzausrüstung bezeichnet man im Motorradsport und im öffentlichen Straßenverkehr die Schutzkleidung für Fahrer von und Mitfahrer auf motorisierten Zweirädern. 
Sie hat die primäre Aufgabe, den Motorradfahrer vor Verletzungen infolge eines Sturzes zu schützen bzw. diese zu vermindern.

De airbag wordt ook toegepast in andere systemen. Zo is er een vest met een airbag dat gebruikt wordt door 
motorrijders, en eenzelfde soort vest wordt gebruikt in de paardensport. De airbag wordt geactiveerd door middel van een koord.

Una motocicleta, comúnmente conocida en castellano con la abreviatura moto, es un vehículo de dos ruedas, impulsado por un motor que acciona la rueda trasera, salvo raras excepciones. El cuadro o chasis y las ruedas constituyen la estructura fundamental del vehículo

Motocicleta é um veículo de duas rodas e tração traseira com um motor que propicia sua auto-locomoção capaz de desenvolver velocidade de cruzeiro com segurança e conforto

Veste airbag
La veste « airbag » est un vêtement de sécurité développé pour les utilisateurs de motocyclettes pour les protéger des chutes lors de collisions

Подушка безопасности
Подушка безопасности — система пассивной безопасности  в транспортных средствах. Представляет собой эластичную оболочку, которая наполняется воздухом либо другим газом. Подушки безопасности широко используются для смягчения удара в случае автомобильного столкновения.

Poduszka powietrzna
Poduszka powietrzna (ang. airbag) – samochodowy element pasywnego systemu bezpieczeństwa. Ma na celu 
zamortyzowanie uderzenia o elementy pojazdu ciała (w szczególności głowy) pasażerów i kierowcy w wypadku zderzenia

Bezpečnostný vzduchový vankúš (Airbag)
Bezpečnostný vzduchový vankúš v bunde pre motocyklistov – Pre bezpečnosť motocyklistov otvorila novú dimenziu 
v plášti integrovaný systému airbagov. V ktorom aktivačný kábel a stlačený CO2 je v patronu.

Jachetta e gilet airbag
Le sistema airbag (aersacco) integrata in le jachetta e in le gilet ha aperita nova dimension al securitate 
del motocyclistas (e cavalleros). Jachettas esse equipate con un airbag pro proteger a le motocyclistas contra le 
vulneres al impactos.

Post la kasko, la aersakojako kaj veŝto estas la plej grava sekureca novigo en la transporto. La jako (veŝto) estas ekipita kun aersako, kio protektas motorciklo rajdantoj kontraŭ vundoj

An airbag is a useful vehicle safety device. Airbags are used in the world increasingly because in 
accidents, it can help passengers reduce shock. When the sensor feels a strong shock, the gas device 
explodes. This gas fills the bag immediately

安全气囊 (Airbag)
电单车安全气囊夹克和背心 - 结合与摩托车骑手夹克的气囊系统给骑手安全增加了新的空间。这个系统包括一条激 活绳索以及含有压缩气体的套筒。
骑上摩托车时,将柔性绳索一端和摩托车身连接, 另一端与夹克中的二氧化碳筒开筒机连接。

エアバッグ (Airbag)

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