3 August 1976

• The airbag jacket was born on this day. The jacket and vest with an airbag for motorcyclists (horseriders) is a Hungarian invention. It was officially registered on 3 August 1976. Inventor: Tamás Straub. You can look at the original documents of the invention on this website.


• On the Gazette of Patents (official journal of the Hungarian Patent Office) volume 1977 Nr.9. Tamás Straub published his invention: "Protective garment, mainly for motorcyclists". It can be clearly stated that the now widely manufactured and used airbag jackets work the same way as described by this patent application.

30 november 1980

• From this time the airbag jacket is public intellectual property because the protection of Tamás Straub's patent application basically ended, therefore it can be manufactured freely by anybody since then.

may 1983

• In the (hungarian) Autó-motor magazine was published a whole-page article and introduced Tamás Straub's invention.


• Honda began research and development on motorcycle (fuel tank) mounted airbag system.


• In Japan began research and development work of a wearable airbag system for motorcyclists.


• The prototype vest with an airbag was completed.

1998 -

• In this year(?) the Japanese Patent Office (and later, the patent offices of several European and American countries) granted to a japanese person patent protection to the airbag jacket. Therefore more then two decades after Tamás Straub's patent application the Japanese solution was actually a plagiarism (Intellectual Property Theft). The patent offices made a serious mistake because they did not complete an appropriate and thorough novelty research (prior art search) in the course of the registration of the patent.


• The airbag jacket awarded Gold and Silver Medals at the World Exhibition of Inventions in Belgium and a Gold Medal in the Safety Protection Life Saving Division.

• The airbag jacket has launched in Europe.


• Dainese already featured its core technical solutions, adopting a system based on airbag technology that was capable of activation without any physical connections to the motorcycle.

• The airbag vest awarded Gold Trophy at the "Salon du Cheval" in Paris.


• Began sales of motorcycle jacket with airbag system around the world.


• Supplied the Police Headquarters in Japan with airbag vests for the motorcycle police.


• Supplied the Spanish Police with the airbag vests.


• The airbag jacket awarded the highest prize at the JPMS (Journées professionnelles moto, quad et scooter) Motorcycle Show in France.


• The first real crash test at the Adria International Raceway with a professional stuntman.


• The first professional rider to crash during a race in Valencia, 125cc class Michael Ranseder

• In this year was the first documented case of Airbag Jacket saving life. (Joseph McPhatter was riding on the Interstate 83 in Maryland, when was cut off by a car. He was ejected from his motorcycle, hitting the ground at 140 mph.)


• Miss Zara Phillips (Queen Elisabeth's granddaughter) was protected by airbag jacket.

• Valentino Rossi was protected by airbag jacket in Italian GP at Mugello.

august 2012

• The Olympic equestrian teams at London used airbag jackets to ensure safety.

june 2013

• Marc Marquez was protected by airbag jacket in Italian GP at Mugello.

november 2014

• The use of “Air Bag Systems” which conform to the FIS rules and specifications will be permitted in all levels of FIS competitions, including World Cup.

dezember 2015

• It was the first time a safety airbag was inflated during a Ski World Cup and prevented Olympic champion Matthias Mayer from serious injury during a nasty crash.