Riding gear with airbags are one of the greatest safety innovations for motorcyclists ... (Wired.com)

The Airbag jacket is a new, innovative and vital technical safety garment. (Aprilia.com)

What is an airbag jacket and how does it work?

After the helmet, the airbag jacket is the most important safety innovation. Jackets are equipped with an airbag to protect motorcycle riders against injuries upon impact. Airbag jackets have two anchoring cables and a CO2 cartridge. One of these anchoring cables needs to be connected to the frame of the bike and remains there. In the event of an accident, when the rider falls off the bike the cable will separate from the bike activating the CO2 cartridge to instantly inflate the jacket in approximately 100 to 300 milliseconds. The jacket provides extra protection to the most vulnerable parts of the body (the spine, neck, ribs, collar-bone).

The airbag jacket is a Hungarian invention

The airbag jacket (and vest) for motorcyclists (horseriders and in recent times for skiers) is a long-standing Hungarian invention. It was officially registered in 1976, published in 1977. Inventor: Tamás Straub. You can look at the original documents of the invention here. Copies are available from the Hungarian Patent Office (Hungarian Intellectual Property Office) anytime.

Airbag jacket - crash-test

Inflation Never Seemed So Good: Motorcycle Airbag Review

September, 2015
We’ve grown accustomed to airbags in cars; the first patents were taken out way back in the 1950s, with production models arriving twenty years later. NASA have used them on spacecraft, bags cushioning the landing of Luna 9 in 1966 and of Mars Pathfinder in 1997. Although a motorbike airbag jacket was actually a Hungarian invention, with a patent registered in 1976, ... Read more

New Airbag System Approved For World Cup Racers

November, 2014
Starting next January World Cup racers will be able to wear inflatable airbags. It is a similar system used by motorbike racers that inflate in high-speed crashes and offer support to the head and neck.
The system has been developed by Italian manufacturer, Dainese, in coordination with the International Ski Federation, FIS. It has three accelerometers, three gyroscopes, a GPS, and onboard electronics that collect all the data and deploy the airbags before a racer crashes into the ground. Read more

Motorcycles Just Got a Lot Safer

October, 2014
Motorcyles can be dangerous. They’re hard to control, difficult for other drivers to see, and crashes often put the rider’s life in serious jeopardy. But that’s part of the thrill – that exhilarating feeling as you’re cruising at high speeds, only a jacket and helmet between you and the world. If only they could make riding a little safer
That’s where motorcycle airbags come in. Italian companies Ducati and Dainese recently partnered to create D-Air, an integrated airbag jacket that senses collisions wirelessly and deploys within milliseconds – the first production motorcycle in history to have one. But believe it or not, airbag jackets have been around for much longer than that. It’s not a new idea, by any means. Let’s take a look at their history and how they got where they are today.
Rider-Based Airbags
Hungarian inventors actually brought us the first airbag jackets in 1976... Read more

Motorcycle air bags: The faster, the safer

July, 2013
The ADAC tested two chest airbags that are integrated in vests.
They belong to the few items motorbike riders may wear to protect themselves during a crash: air bags integrated into vests. However, how well they protect the wearer depends on how quickly and dependably they open up during a collision. The ADAC recently tested two of the motorbike vests with integrated air bags that are currently available on the market ... Read more

Thousands of motorcyclist's lives could be saved ...

... every year if airbag jackets would be used all over the world.

February, 2009
Dozens of motorcyclists' lives could be saved every year (only in UK) if air bag jackets were made compulsory, accident and emergency doctors have said. The jackets are the equivalent of car air bags and inflate if the rider is thrown off during a crash. In one version, the jacket is attached to the bike by a lead which detaches when the rider has come off suddenly. The Department of Transport said it had no plans for a new law but said it welcomed anything to improve safety... Read more

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Why You Should Consider an Airbag Jacket?

A motorcycle rider, or even an individual that loves to frequently ride horses, is often faced with a dilemma. While on the one hand they adore riding their vehicle or steed, on the other it is a very dangerous pastime or primary means of transportation. In the past even a minor crash or hard landing could cause a major physical health issue. Severe injury and death were quite common from such an occurrence. However, with the advent of the creation of motorcycle airbag jacket technology safety for riders of motorcycles and horses has increased dramatically.
A motorcycle airbag jacket is a device that works via a lanyard and CO2 cartridges to create an incredibly fast inflatable cushion around the rider if they are jerked suddenly off of their vehicle or mount. These devices generally take around twenty-five to thirty pounds of force to deploy so they do not false deploy often. Consequently, leaping off of a stationary bike does actually provide enough force to deploy the airbag. This means that should someone fall sideways in the right manner or the bike somehow jerk out from under them because they weren't appropriately seated the airbag will most likely deploy and help them during the fall.
The motorcycle airbag jacket is not designed to be worn with anything else covering or attached to it. A backpack worn over the jacket might cause it to be unable to function properly, as an example. These types of motorcycle armor come in two general forms. These forms are vests and full leather. They are sometimes fashioned from synthetic materials but the leather armored jackets are the most common.
These devices function to protect the neck, spine, and major organs in the torso. When combined with a proper helmet they offer the greatest protection available to a rider. Most function swiftly and deploy within a half a second or less once the lanyard is pulled with sufficient force. The typical motorcycle airbag jacket will be re-inflatable. This means that after a thorough safety inspection the only thing necessary for it to function properly again if it is not damaged is another CO2 cartridge.
Anyone that is serious about riding safely will want to wear one of these types of safety gear. Due to how useful they are they might eventually become mandatory pieces of equipment in many parts of the world just like a properly approved helmet is.

Motorcycle airbag jackets are already in use ...

... by police departments in Brazil, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Taiwan etc.

Stra(ub) To(m)

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Motorcycle safety
Motorcycle safety concerns many aspects of vehicle and equipment design as well as operator skill and training that are unique to motorcycle 

Als Schutzausrüstung bezeichnet man im Motorradsport und im öffentlichen Straßenverkehr die Schutzkleidung für Fahrer von und Mitfahrer auf motorisierten Zweirädern. 
Sie hat die primäre Aufgabe, den Motorradfahrer vor Verletzungen infolge eines Sturzes zu schützen bzw. diese zu vermindern.

személyi védőfelszerelés
A motorkerékpár mind a balesetek, mind a halálos kimenetelű balesetek szempontjából a legveszélyesebb közlekedési eszköz, maga a motorkerékpár pedig a többi gépjárműhöz képest csekély passzív védelmet nyújt, ezért a motorkerékpár-vezetők biztonsága szempontjából – vezetéstechnikai ismereteik mellett – kiemelkedő szerepe van a a motorkerékpáros személyi védőfelszerelésnek.

De airbag wordt ook toegepast in andere systemen. Zo is er een vest met een airbag dat gebruikt wordt door 
motorrijders, en eenzelfde soort vest wordt gebruikt in de paardensport. De airbag wordt geactiveerd door middel van een koord.

Una motocicleta, comúnmente conocida en castellano con la abreviatura moto, es un vehículo de dos ruedas, impulsado por un motor que acciona la rueda trasera, salvo raras excepciones. El cuadro o chasis y las ruedas constituyen la estructura fundamental del vehículo

Motocicleta é um veículo de duas rodas e tração traseira com um motor que propicia sua auto-locomoção capaz de desenvolver velocidade de cruzeiro com segurança e conforto

Veste airbag
La veste « airbag » est un vêtement de sécurité développé pour les utilisateurs de motocyclettes pour les protéger des chutes lors de collisions

Подушка безопасности
Подушка безопасности — система пассивной безопасности  в транспортных средствах. Представляет собой эластичную оболочку, которая наполняется воздухом либо другим газом. Подушки безопасности широко используются для смягчения удара в случае автомобильного столкновения.

Poduszka powietrzna
Poduszka powietrzna (ang. airbag) – samochodowy element pasywnego systemu bezpieczeństwa. Ma na celu 
zamortyzowanie uderzenia o elementy pojazdu ciała (w szczególności głowy) pasażerów i kierowcy w wypadku zderzenia

Bezpečnostný vzduchový vankúš (Airbag)
Bezpečnostný vzduchový vankúš v bunde pre motocyklistov – Pre bezpečnosť motocyklistov otvorila novú dimenziu 
v plášti integrovaný systému airbagov. V ktorom aktivačný kábel a stlačený CO2 je v patronu.

Jachetta e gilet airbag
Le sistema airbag (aersacco) integrata in le jachetta e in le gilet ha aperita nova dimension al securitate 
del motocyclistas (e cavalleros). Jachettas esse equipate con un airbag pro proteger a le motocyclistas contra le 
vulneres al impactos.

Post la kasko, la aersakojako kaj veŝto estas la plej grava sekureca novigo en la transporto. La jako (veŝto) estas ekipita kun aersako, kio protektas motorciklo rajdantoj kontraŭ vundoj

An airbag is a useful vehicle safety device. Airbags are used in the world increasingly because in 
accidents, it can help passengers reduce shock. When the sensor feels a strong shock, the gas device 
explodes. This gas fills the bag immediately

安全气囊 (Airbag)
电单车安全气囊夹克和背心 - 结合与摩托车骑手夹克的气囊系统给骑手安全增加了新的空间。这个系统包括一条激 活绳索以及含有压缩气体的套筒。
骑上摩托车时,将柔性绳索一端和摩托车身连接, 另一端与夹克中的二氧化碳筒开筒机连接。

エアバッグ (Airbag)

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